Screen-shot-2010-11-17-at-09.50.22-150x150Eden Camp Museum in North Yorkshire hosts a unique ‘Escape Lines’ display in Hut 9, that was developed together with members of ELMS. Exhibits in the display, and the fascinating stories of escape and evasion, were provided by members of ELMS and their families.

The Chapel at Eden Camp Museum contains plaques commemorating organisations that were operational alongside the escape lines during WW2.

Screen-shot-2010-11-17-at-09.50.49-150x150The chapel also houses a stone from the ruins of ‘La Maison d’Alphonse’ – a ‘safe-house’ on the Brittany coast that was betrayed and then destroyed by the Germans. It is inscribed with its BBC call sign ‘Bonjour tout le monde a la Maison d’Alphonse’.

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  1. john pena's Gravatar john pena
    June 26, 2015    

    excellent site to tab thru , specially the morse code that gives life and depth to the challenge of so many so long ago. I cannot translate the message from this morse code, but i do remember how frequent my evaporated soul emitted its SOS tune behind every rock and slippery slopes in july 1999 on the Freedom Trail

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