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Tenna Valley Freedom Trail, Italy

May 17 @ 4:00 pm - May 22 @ 10:00 am

The Tenna Valley Trail takes place in the Marche region of Italy,054 based on the town of Servigliano.  The town was the site of PG 59, one of two camps in the area.  Following the Italian armistice in September 1943 many Allied POWs were sheltered in homes in villages in the local area.  The trail visits a number of  these villages each year to commemorate the part played by Italians in saving many of our forebears.  If you wish to attend this event, either in part or for the whole period please make sure that you have registered with us at ELMS.  Please note, that on this year’s event, the routes to the villages may differ slightly from the arranged route plan due to earthquake damage in the areas that we normally visit. The town of Monte San Martino received some earthquake damage and will continue to be visited on day one. Days two and three will have changes to their routes as we would like to visit as many ‘helpers’ in the areas that we can identify and deliver some baskets of ‘English Fare’ to show support at this difficult time. Contact has been made with the villages, who are not receiving tourists at the moment, and are receiving little help from anyone else. However, as their friends, they wish us to visit and will make us welcome. Our final day will be at the Villa Salvadori, Fermo, with our indomitable host Clara Muzzarelli-Formentini, whose home was a safe-house for many British and Allied escapers in WW2. If you cannot make the walk, try to make the final RV at the Villa.  If you would like to raise funds for ELMS using this event then please follow this link, where you will find full details.

Wednesday 17th May – All participants arrive in Servigliano.  Transport will be provided for those flying to Ancona, but ONLY if you have registered with the organisers! The bus will depart from the airport after the last flight from the UK has arrived at Ancona and is a single trip only.  If you plan on arriving at a different airport then you will have to make your own way to Servigliano.  As far as we know the only airline with regular flights to Ancona is RyanAir, departing from Stanstead

1800.  Members are requested to meet at the Casa Del Memoria, which is situated opposite the site of the former Camp 59, about a 10 minute walk from the Hotel San Marco

1900  Trail dinner at the San Marco Hotel

Thursday 18th May 

0830 – All walkers are asked to meet at the entrance to Camp 59 where a wreath will be laid.  The group will then move to the town centre and lay a wreath on the War Memorial.  The group will then walk to the village of Monte San Martino.

1300 – Lunch at Monte San Martino

1700 – Return to Servigliano.  Any mountain walkers and military participants will continue on to San Ruffino

Friday 19th May –

0830 – All walkers meet at the entrance to Camp 59.  Walkers will follow a route to Penna San Giovanni.  Mountain walkers will follow a route to Amandola and then onto their night stop at Garulla

1300 – Lunch Penna San Giovanni

1700 – Return to Servigliano

Saturday 20th May

0830 – All walkers meet at the entrance to Camp 59 and then follow a route to Montelparo.  There will be a wreath laying ceremony at Contrada Santa Maria at the site where Sig Smith was executed.  The return journey will be via Monteleone and Communanza, (which suffered damage in the recent earthquake)  There will be a coach to take walkers back to Servigliano from Monteleone.  Mountain walkers will leave Garulla and head for Rubbiano for lunch

1300 – Lunch at Montelparo

1800 –  Return to Servigliano

Sunday 21st May

The day will comprise a number of visits to places of historical interest in the context of WW2 and the help provided to Allied POWs.  The coach will leave Servigliano at 0900 and return at approximately 1630.  This will include visits to the former POW camp at Monte Urano, Camp 70 and to the Villa Salvadori which was a safe house for escapers/evaders.

1900 Farewell dinner at the San Marco hotel for all walkers, guests and local people.

Monday 22nd May

0730 – The bus for those flying from Ancona will depart.  Please be on time  as the bus has to grapple with rush hour traffic and RyanAir are not noted for their flexibility!  Remainder disperse under their own arrangements.  

Please ensure that you have registered with us if you wish to attend  and please note that all those attending must have their own travel insurance and if a UK citizen an EHIC card.  You can contact us via our website contact form.

We will welcome any contributions in the form of written articles and /or photos which will be posted on the website.



May 17 @ 4:00 pm
May 22 @ 10:00 am


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Tenna Valley Freedom Trail
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