Escapers, Evaders and Helpers – Personal Stories

The aim of this section is to allow visitors to our site to re-visit stories that have been originally published with a banner photo, but have since been replaced with something different.  At present the list is not alphabetical but as it increases in length we will add some structure to help visitors find the item they are looking for.  Just click on the relevant link to go to the story that interests you.

Sister Olga Baudot

Edith Cavell  1885 – 1915

Pilot Officer Kevin McSweeney

Sgt Bud Owens USAAF

Sgt Bud Owens – The Full Story

Sgt Ronald Shoebridge RAF

The Hidden Attic – Mia Lilevelt Dutch Helper

The Story of Ken de Souza in Italy

A Family Pilgrimage

Annual Commemoration of F Section, SOE, Valencay, France

The Long March

Following in His Father’s Footsteps – The Story of Frank McNichol